Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back at it ~ Crumb Piecing

I've been awol pretty much for the last few months...haven't even had much stitching time. Things are going well with the new job and the remodeling is almost's time to sew! All the talk about Crumb piecing and Crumb blocks has me itching to be stitching my own.

These were from the last batch of Crumbs...I love how the Crumbs add interest to pretty plain blocks. By throwing in a few scraps of bright, you can make child friendly blocks. My Crumb blocks are 2.5" in the Jacob's Ladder for a 6.5" block.
I use 3.5" Crumb blocks for centers of Friendship Stars and for 9 Patches...this will give you a great 9.5" block. If you haven't tried Crumb Piecing...dig out those scraps and make a few blocks. They're addictive and remember...this is mostly "found" fabric that you would normally trash.
Susan in TX ~ Patchkat