Sunday, March 30, 2008

A finish for WTIL

Here is a quilt that Janet finished using some of the disappearing 9 patch blocks from a sunshine challenge and blocks that students in an elementary school colored in as a classroom activity. Janet has been going into the classrooms for 5 years and the teachers and students really enjoy the project. (So does she!) Before the project is done there will be a total of 9 quilts finished, all of them going to Wrap Them in Love

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gail's finish for National Quilters Day

Here is Gail's quilt she finished on National Quilters Day. What a lovely quilt. Great job Gail.

Gail's Quilts for WAS

Here is two quilts that Gail finished the weekend of the Online quilting retreat. The top one she calls Charlie III. The one to the right is her Bargello. Great job Gail for two lovely quilts.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunshine sewing

Did some sunshine sewing today and finished up two quilts. One is with the split 9 pacth blocks from my challenge and the other are some UFO blocks that I had around my sewing room. Both will be going to WTIL.

Carol E's quilts for National Quilting Day

Carol put together this fun 4-patch quilt with a little extra of her own. She wants to know if you see what she changed in the pattern.
On the above right is another great quilt she got together for our first National Quilters day and Online stitching retreat with WTIL.
Great job Carol E for the lovely quilts.

Linda K's Fun with Bricks Quilt

Great job Linda. She got the pattern from

National Quilt Day and On-Line Stitching Retreat

March 15,2008 was National Quilt Day. So there was lots going on with Sunshine memebers this weekend. The WTIL yahoo group also was having their first On-Line Stitching Retreat and Sunshine members joined with them for the fun of quilting and sharing.

I am going to post some photos of quilts made from the weekend and hope you will enjoy looking at what the members put together this weekend.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TOTALS for quilts March 12,2008

I am going to post the totals so far for 2008 of finished quilts from Sunshine members. I may be off just a few since we are just starting the blog and trying to get the totals in from the members. But hopefully by April it will be a correct total.

WAS--79 finished quilts sent in

WTIL--13 finished quilts sent in

PANAMA--2 quilts delivered by member

Only 3 months into the year and the members have done a great job and so many kids will get a quilt. I hope that we can contiune to reach the needs of each group through out the year.

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far and I look forward to Aprils totals from you. I will post totals at the beginning of each month if possible.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pictures of quilts

I hope you have enjoyed some of the photos of quilts donated to WAS so far this year. This is only a few of them. There are so many beautiful quilts that it was hard to choose which ones to post. If you would like to see more of these gorgous quilts from the ladies at Sunshine please check out the links to their photo albums in the side bar.

I hope to post a few more that have been sent to WTIL soon.

A couple from Moira for WAS

Two great quilts from Moira that will show some child the love and warmth a quilt can bring. Great job Moira.

Lori's donation to WAS

Here is a lovely bright quilt from Lori. Great job Lori.

Quilts by Nancy

These quilts are awesome from Nancy. I am not a writer and don't know the names of the blocks but the left one reminds me of stain glass windows. The right one makes me want to go to the rain forrest. Great job Nancy.

Carol E's donation for WAS

This is one of Carol E's donation to WAS. She used several different blocks and the colors are gorgous together. Bev B did a lovely job quilting this one for Carol. Great job ladies.

Quilts by Michele's Mom

Michele's Mom did a lovely job on these two tops for WAS. Bev B also did a lovely job on the quilting. Great job ladies.

Quilts by Patti

Patti made the tops for these two quilts and WAS will send them to a child. Bev B did the quilting for Patti.
For the one on the left I can just see a group of kids getting together to play "I Spy". Wouldn't that be a fun game for this quilt.
Great job ladies.

2 quilts by Rita

Two more quilts by Rita. These will also be going to WAS in the next box out. Great job Rita.

Two Quilts by Rita

Here are two quilts that Rita made the tops for and Bev B quilted. Lovely chooses for colors and style. Great job ladies.
These will be winging their way to WAS in the next shipments.

Quilt by Linda K

Linda K has this quilt ready for mailing next week to WAS. It is titled "Twice Broken Dishes". I know a child will love this one. Great job Linda.