Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TOTALS for quilts March 12,2008

I am going to post the totals so far for 2008 of finished quilts from Sunshine members. I may be off just a few since we are just starting the blog and trying to get the totals in from the members. But hopefully by April it will be a correct total.

WAS--79 finished quilts sent in

WTIL--13 finished quilts sent in

PANAMA--2 quilts delivered by member

Only 3 months into the year and the members have done a great job and so many kids will get a quilt. I hope that we can contiune to reach the needs of each group through out the year.

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far and I look forward to Aprils totals from you. I will post totals at the beginning of each month if possible.

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