Friday, July 10, 2009

Quilt Production at Full Speed

From what many Sunshine members are reporting, lots of quilts are being churned out for the kids. We love to see the pictures and hear the stories... the Block Lotto is a huge success, too. Thanks to all who contribute blocks and to Tammy who works miracles with the blocks and turns out gorgeous quilts. Sorry I don't have access to her pictures right now... so I'll just post a couple examples of quilt tops I have made this year for Wrap a Smile.
Our current challenge is to make some "boy-friendly" quilts. Try to choose colors and patterns that will appeal to boys, and avoid the florals and pinks if you can... knowing not all cultures have strict rules for appropriateness of quilt colors for boys and for girls, we still want to remember to make a nice variety that will appeal to all types of kids.

This next Sunday, July 12, is Second Sunday Sewing for Sunshine! If you can, try to set aside some sewing time on the 2nd Sunday of each month, to help make quilts for kids. It's fun to know we are all working together on the same day, helping keep the kids warm worldwide.

--Carol E.

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