Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Needing More Quilts

If you are new to this blog, maybe you don't know that Sunshine online quilt guild supports two programs:

1) Wrap a Smile -- (here is their website: ) they provide quilts to kids all over the world who are undergoing cleft lip and cleft palate surgery. The quilts are sent along with Rotaplast teams (a Rotary program). The quilts are used at the end of the surgery to help keep the kids warm, and then each kid keeps his/her quilt. Many of the families or the kids themselves have been very surprised and pleased to receive such a lovely gift.

Mission teams go out about once a month, and each mission needs about 130 quilts. So you can see that the need is on-going. Sunnies from all over the world have been making some beautiful quilts for many years. Here are some beautiful (and inspiring) examples:

a few Sunnies spent a day sewing together for the kids

2) the other program we support is Wrap Them in Love. This group gives and sends quilts to orphanages around the world and also to children in need in the USA (such as flood and storm survivors). The director of Wrap Them in Love recently announced that her supply is low, and she is in need of more quilts. Her most recent supply was sent to India. Here is the WTIL website:
Here are more quilts made for WTIL.. don't we wish we could find more than 24 hours in a day to keep sewing and helping the kids???

Join us if you can! There are many ways to help, both big and small.

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