Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wrap A Smile quilt totals

We received an update on total quilts received for the Wrap A Smile project that we support. These quilts do not only come from Sunshine quilters but also from many others across the country. As a group of quilters we are lucky to be able to contribute what we do to this wonderful project. If you are interested in helping with these quilts just join the sunshine yahoo group and help us keep kids warm one quilt at a time. 

From Terry, founder of Wrap A Smile:

In 2009, Wrap-A-Smile received 2,169 quilts.
Total that I am aware of since the start of Wrap-A-Smile is 14,593.
Quilters spent $2,690.81 for shipping their quilts to myself and Gail in CA.
This shipping cost does not reflect UPS charges or Federal Express.
Who ever would have believed this project would be what it is today...........

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