Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keeping the Children of Guatemala Warm

The most recent mission that is highlighted on the Rotaplast blog is in Guatemala. I found this tribute to the quilts and blankets (and their makers) and thought you'd enjoy reading it and seeing a few quilty pictures. - Carol E.

The Quilts and Blankets
by Scott Wheelwright - Saratoga Rotary Rotaplast Chair 2010

You may notice in some of the pictures the beautiful quilts and blankets that enfold the children. As each child is brought to the operating room, she is accompanied by one of these handmade gifts. The operating rooms are air conditioned to provide comfort for the doctors and patients, but to keep the children warm during the operation, each is covered with a blanket or quilt. The child keeps this covering as a gift when he or she leaves the hospital.

The Rotary Club of Saratoga was blessed with gifts of over 300 quilts or blankets. Many of these quilts are pieced together and sewn by hand. Some blankets are hand knit or crocheted. The effort and skill present in each is readily apparent. We are grateful to the many people who contributed their time and money to supply materials, make quilts or sponsor quilts. Contributors include local quilting organizations, church groups, family and friends of rotary club members, and others with an interest in serving these children. We are grateful for the selfless contribution of those who have provided a warm gift for each child.

I also love the beautiful blouses and skirts worn by the women, don't you??

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